This website is the result of a project called Experts in Teamwork, which is a course at NTNU in Trondheim where students with different academic backgrounds work in teams over the time span of three weeks. The theme of our course is Water! Social Change through New Media, and it is a cooperation between NTNU, Technoport Mission Rio and Liv Arnesen Foundation.

Technoport Mission Rio is an initiative where 800 students working on different projects in Experts in Teamwork are encouraged to discuss themes related to the Rio +20 conference held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. The themes that are discussed are among others sustainability and green economy, which are closely related to the themes in our course; water and social change.

Liv Arnesen is a Norwegian polar explorer who was the first woman to ski solo to the South Pole. She has an ongoing project together with Ann Bancroft named Access Water 2012, where they in November 2012 will lead six women from six different continents on an 80-day long expedition to the South Pole. They hope through their expedition that they will raise awareness about the global water crisis, and their goal is to reach 2 million classrooms and 50 million children. Liv Arnesen Foundation is an organization which works, non-profitable, through internet and other social media in order to create a global classroom where important themes are discussed. The initiative by Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen will shed light on the water problems in the world, and they hope that the dialogues this expedition create will share an understanding of these issues.

Nikoline, Thomas, Kaia, Markus, Ingrid and Lars

Our group Aquarius consists of the following members:
Ingrid Myrnes Hansen, Biology
Kaia Mølbach-Thellefsen Stray, Medicine
Lars Imrik, Social Science & Sports
Markus Gøransson, Studies of Science and Technology
Nikoline Fon Holmøy, Political Science
Thomas Andersen, Musicology



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